Generating quotes on the move

The commercial department of the companies not only needs to know everything related to the clients, including the quotes offered to each of them, but must also be agile in the relationship with them and one of the most sensitive aspects is the speed in creating new quotes adapted to each one.

Client: a graphic company

Need: to create a customer portfolio management system capable of generating quotes without having to be connected to the office.

Previous situation: each salesperson carried their information in Excel sheets and had to pass the necessary information to the production department so that they could prepare the quote that sometimes took days depending on the workload.

System development: A relational model was created in a database in Oracle with all the information retrieved from the commercials and data maintained by the company. Subsequently, a multidimensional model was created that synchronized the data with this database. The sales representatives carried this multidimensional database on their laptop along with Excel sheets with which they instantly generated quotes.  To generate these Excel sheets it was necessary to systematize and find the rules of the quote generation process used by the company.

Results: This allowed the commercials to negotiate and interact better with the clients because they could see immediately what were the effects of varying some of the variables of the orders: number of impressions, size of the impression, number of inks,... It was possible to consult at all times what had been the budgets offered. And a lot of administrative work was saved.

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