We implement custom system and development projects. We can offer the best market prices thanks to the minimum maintenance costs of our company. We do not have a physical customer service office, nor do we have our own fixed servers. Only our experience and our work.

In many cases, we work with custom servers in which we pay only for what we consume. In the early stages of development there are hardly any infrastructure costs and then we can instantly scale solutions to the extent that they are needed thanks to cloud developments.

In other cases, we move to our clients' offices if development demands it.

We work with Unix, Linux and Windows servers. The databases we manage are Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Mysql, PostgreSQL. The Big Data solutions we work with are Cloudera, Hortonworks and, of course, Apache.

Support: We carry out studies of optimization and parameterization of servers, databases and developments in production. In most cases there is no need to expand the computer systems, just change a few parameters, processes or heavy queries. And for the new situation to last, we can create follow-up developments that detect performance drops and warn your administrators. As for Big Data, we configure and manage server clusters and create alert and warning systems to monitor performance and problems.

Among the companies that have already placed their trust in us are Telef├│nica, Avanzit, Siemens, Banco Banif, Banco Santander Negocios, CATSA, Proel, Uralita ...