We have many solutions adapted to the self-employed. Without the need of initial expenses, the payment of the service can be made during the first year. The rest of the life of the solution is only paid for the hosting of the product, which can be free if it does not consume many resources, without any obligation to stay with us.

We recommend solutions hosted in the cloud, free or pay per use, which exempts the autonomous from the problems of maintenance, security, availability, updates and hidden costs. It allows to have all the data of the company safe, accessible at all times regardless of where you are. It also allows the maintenance and resolution of problems, when needed, by a third party without the need for displacement. Of course we also install and configure where indicated, with the consequent payment for installation and maintenance.

Examples of possible solutions:

Free web hosting. If you already have your pages or want to develop your project on the web yourself. Take advantage of our servers, we provide 250Mb of hard disk and a bandwidth of 6Gb per month to install what you want, assign the domain you prefer (by default we give you a free subdomain) and start your project ...

Professional custom pages with mail and domain itself free if you already have the domain or 15 euros a year for the domain, from 45 euros a month the first year (the other years nothing) for the design and training. Accessible for updates from any fixed or mobile terminal.

Complete Customer/Sales and Invoice/Purchase and Warehouse Management (CRM+ERP) from 0 euros per month; training and initial basic data loading from 45 euros/month during the first year, with Dolibarr.

Online shop for internet sales from 6 euros per month and 45 euros/month during the first year for design and training.

Solutions with point-of-sale terminals (POS) for the automatic management of your real store.

Custom developments. For those ideas for which there is not yet a standard product. There are very successful internet projects thanks to the fact that they have been developed for very specific needs and perfectly adapted to customers. You don't need to make large initial disbursements to put your idea into practice. You can start with the free hosting of your application and as you grow (and your income grows) expand the access capacity of your website.