About us

We are a young company with a clear objective: to provide information hidden behind the data to those who need it.

We all move in a world where information is important and where its unknowledge leads us to waste our time, our most precious asset and of which there is no substitute. That is why we defend the right of access to information, not only that which comes in the newspapers. Our goal is to provide data for everyone.

Our clients are often organizations that want to improve the performance of their activities. To this end we analyze the flow of information, business processes, detect problems and bottlenecks and suggest ways to optimize them. At the same time we initiate a monitoring system that allows us to follow the progress of the organization in real time so that the appropriate people know at all times how it works and can detect problems when they arise and thus avoid wasting time, money and customers. We also study where the data is, reorganise it and provide tools to analyse it.

Our field of action includes what is known as Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM).

On the other hand, from a more generic point of view, that of information management, our work includes ETL (Extract, transform and load), data warehousing and data mining. It's about extracting data wherever it is, transforming it and loading it in a convenient place for storage, and finally analyzing and presenting it.