Administrating a Business Intelligence Environment

It is not enough to create the ideal reports, it is necessary to distribute them to the appropriate people and only to them, in time, protected so that no one else can see them, execute them without interfering with the company's operations. In addition, end users should be able to generate their own reports without having to investigate complex models; they should be able to manage them from a central location in companies with multiple sites; they should be able to ...
The needs are varied and it is necessary to find solutions that satisfy all of them. In this case, BusinessObjects Enterprise XI, a solution provided by SAP, after the acquisition of Business Objects, was chosen.

Customer: a real estate company

Need: to create a business intelligence environment that would maintain the confidentiality of information in a company with several headquarters and departments.

Previous Situation: Many reports were used, developed with different tools that each department managed and saved.

System development: BusinessObjects Enterprise XI administration was installed on a dedicated server. Reports were reworked and optimized, and an enterprise-wide security policy was created. Universes" were created for departments that needed to generate custom queries.

Results: Managers had for the first time a sense of control over the information circulating in their company and employees had better access to the information they needed.

Project cost: 200 days + licenses

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