Achieving real-time control of the quality of the company's customer support service

Reports often arrive late. It is necessary to know at all times the progress of a company in order to manage it effectively.

Client: a telecommunication company

Need: Real-time control of the quality of the company's customer support service

Previous situation: queries were launched periodically on the operational customer service database measuring a few quality parameters. It was a very heavy process for the database so attempts were made to launch at low load hours. The results could only be interpreted by a few people because they were not clear and had to be transformed a lot by hand to generate the reports.

Determinants of the project: the operational database had to be available for 24 hours and its operation should not be degraded by the great importance given to customer service.

Data structure: source data were located in the operational incident tracking database, in the company's customer and supplier master database and in another database with the network traffic data.

Solution chosen: The Oracle DB because all the others were, the company had a good maintenance contract and specialized personnel in this environment.
Implementation: in a development environment, the data model was created that met the specified requirements, the data was transformed and loaded into the model, and finally the requested reports were created. The resulting system had a maximum time lag of one hour with respect to the operational data, but some indicators were developed with the original data (without time lag) and there was the possibility, if so estimated, to consult others.

Project cost: 200 days x man + licences.

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