Maintaining the computer system of a business bank

Banks have special features that differentiate their computer systems from others. Security and reliability are fundamental. Without forgetting the speed of response.

Customer: a bank

Need: to maintain the newly created computer system while training the bank's technicians in the new technologies introduced.

Previous situation: the support of the old system was provided by the bank's technicians but by introducing a new system that depended less on the mainframe of the bank of which they were a subsidiary, the maintenance tasks were extended and it was determined that for a transitory time new personnel would be needed.

Project members: one project manager and four systems technicians, one of whom would remain in the bank when the project was completed.

System description: Mainly a HA cluster of two Sun machines, with a Tuxedo application server, an Oracle SGBD and a MQSERIES queue manager. Also Veritas Netbackup with a robot for backups and the BMC process planner controlM.

Implementation: We had to put the system into production, design the task planning and define the backup policy. During the project, administration of databases, their configuration, optimization of queries, migrations of versions, control of users, both production and development, were carried out. Apart from the daily maintenance of the processes, it was necessary to introduce frequent changes in the system to include new modules that were being developed. 24-hour support was offered with a rotating system of on-call guards. Before finalizing the project, the system had to be migrated to another location, to the data center of the parent bank and resized after a merger of the bank with another.

Project cost: 300 days x 5 technicians

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